iOS App


Design a mobile application for the iphone. 


As straight forward as it sounds. A homework to do list. “But there are already apps that do this?”, you may ask. Correct, but I designed something better. A to do list that already records tasks for high school and college students. Logging on to Canvas to find all your assignments is a lot of work. So why not have an app that dose this for you. Welcome to Bethink.


Before And After:

Low fidelity from high fidelity. Organization and layout stayed consistent throughout. Added more details for clarification by including color organization and type hierarchy. In the high fidelity users now have the option to search for an assignment or class. 


Choose a clean and simple color palette that felt colorful and fresh. Choose Typface Britannic to add a little personality while using Century Gothic to balance it out. Check mark is used through out the app, was crafted mimicking the stylization of the Britannic typface. 

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