LIFEWTR Localized Campaign

 Students from Penn State Graphic Design GD304: Practical Communications, in collaboration with PepsiCo’s Design and Innovation, LIFEWTR Brand and Design Team and North Division Marketing, our group created a series of key visuals to accompany a brand campaign promoting a selected series 11 bottle made specifically for the Penn State University Park campus.

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Our bottle features “Fluid,” a short film by Alexandra Cuerdo, who describes it as “a meditation on the power of celebrating who you are.” Alexandra herself is a queer Asian writer, director, producer and author living in New York City who likes, “telling wild, colorful stories about identity, humanity, and all the ways that we can be free.”


We highlighted elements of the video in the key visuals using similar textures, shapes, and colors to not only tie the video into the artwork displayed on the water bottle, but also make students and faculty of all communities feel celebrated and heard.


Emma Swayze, Kira Lorraine

Key Visuals:

The two strips aligned with the transgender flag on the bottle are designed to help epitomize it. They work together to create the essence of an equal sign to represent no matter what you identify as, we all are equals here at Penn State

Cooler Graphic & Table Tent

Bus Wrap

Social Media 

Instagram is a very popular social media platform here at Penn State. We viewed this as an opportunity to make engaging posts that capture attention and draw people in.

We designed 9 Instagram Posts to be posted in a series.

These posts use similar pops of colors and textures to tie back to the artwork as well as the importance of LIFEWTR.

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